Still from "and again", part of the 2017 video series "Summer of (lo)v(e)ids"

"I work with video because of the level of control it gives me over the final product. I like that mistakes are reversible, it allows me to humour several visions at once. My videos often tell stories or depict places I’d like to exist in. I start my process by writing, this shapes the narrative of my video. I then shoot, curating a landscape in my head by my choice of what I frame before sitting at a computer to realise it. I consider my work as a form of composing false physics, what you see in my videos equates to how that world works.
I am driven by wanting to understand or to be understood. I create my work as an extension of my thoughts as a way to view them objectively, a kind of therapy. Ultimately, I make artwork that I want to be in. As technology advances and methods of digitally experiencing our world improve in quality, I consider my work to be proposals for how I’d like my virtually realised space to look".
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