Venice Fellowship 2018

May 15th 2018
This will be my home for discussing my month's stay in Venice during the 2018 Architectural Biennale. It will document my experience from start to finish, including any events or media that takes place post-trip. I plan to update this with my full plan for the research project so you can see how my work develops.
For now, enjoy this link to my university's coverage pre-departure.
May 16th 2018 // My Proposal
Title: "Her Heart Sunk"
I wish to investigate why we allow somewhere we idealise to sink. I hope to identify Venice's merits and faults before proposing my reasoning for its eventual disappearance under the sea. I plan to document the space (see "methods"), write about the space and compare notes with other fellows. Essentially, my research will be a diary of myself in the space.
Important aspects to this research include capturing atmosphere and mental state. As I will be there for a month, I wish to document my transition from the "holiday mentality" to one of routine, how I settle into Venice before leaving again.

Methods of Capture:
1) Video recording (Canon M100 + Kodak EasyShare Z1275).
2) Film photography (Canon Minolta i300).
Digital art (Wacom + Macbook Pro).
4) Sketchbook + Ink drawings.

Extra Research:
1) Attend available lectures at the European Cultural Academy.
2) Read “Invisible Cities”.
3) Carry notepad at the British Pavilion during working hours. "Island" will conjure opinions from the public that may inform my research.

Sharing My Research:
1) This blog.
2) Social media platforms (both mine and BC's Fellowship Blog).
3) A group exhibition in London (unconfirmed venue and date).
4) Potential collaboration with MA Architecture.
5) Undecided - use this information to script a video that discusses my experience.

21st May 2018 // Flight
Currently sat at the airport waiting to go. Made the poor decision to arrive four hours early, there aren't enough Wetherspoon breakfasts in the world to keep me busy. I've started having a think about my project. I named it "Her Heart Sunk" because global warming is highly politicised yet morally, it's crystal clear. Human beings + fear of death = global warming bad. Yet, the world is more complicated than that and so my heart sinks.
I started thinking about the imagery of the heart and how that might encompass my feelings towards Venice. A classic example is Fight Club, "I am Jack's smirking revenge", it separates the feeling from the body and personifies it at the same time. You could say something similar of Invisible Cities, where Calvino separates each quality of Venice and personifies it in another city.
The great thing about the heart is that there are plenty of idioms about it.  For example, you have the broken heart, the heart of gold, the total eclipse of the heart (I was joking but...this might actually be useful) (heart of glass, too). The heavy heart, the change of heart, the faint of heart, the heart that's in your mouth, the heart that skips a beat, the heart's desire, the half-hearted.
I can start reconstructing an otherwise familiar set of phrases. The best part is, it keeps me focused. I only have 12 days of research time in Venice and writing is critical to beginning my creative process.
// Schedule
22nd: Head to Giardini green security huts to meet Deborah @ 11:30am. Bring passport.
23rd - Pre-preview day.
24th - Vernissage. Launch Party @ Giudecca Island. 19:30-23:00.
25th - Vernissage.

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